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SAP NetWeaver

Kaba is the leading manufacturer of sub-systems for time recording, access control and shop floor data collection with SAP. More than 1,100 SAP customers use Kaba solutions.

B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP  is a communication software for connecting Kaba terminals to SAP systems of the releases as of 3.1.

The key feature of this software application is the SAP certified interface, which ensures faultless data transfer between the individual SAP modules and collection devices.
This interface is kept current with all new SAP technical developments.
B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP offers you certified communication via RFC and IDoc, via ALE, XML and the Business Connector or via XI and SAP Portals as powered by SAP NetWeaver solution.

Data maintenance takes place in the SAP system. B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP does not modify the master data or already recorded data. In the ERP system existing data from the Kaba sub-system is being used, e.g. for the display of personal lists at the terminal and for the use of HTML time statements and CATS functionalities.

We collaborate closely with SAP partners and consulting companies in order to guarantee an optimum customizing. We are a member of the DASG user circles HR, PP and SAP NetWeaver for years. Our aim is to be one of the first three certified partners for new developments of SAP.

Find out more about our SAP solutions for time recording, access control or shop floor data collection with B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP. With Kaba exos 9300 you are using a very powerful and independent access control system.

Furthermore, there are many so-called "add-ons". They are small, additional modules for B-COMM®ERP for use SAP® ERP that facilitate life and work. They cover functions that are not provided within the SAP system, but are needed by companies in their daily operational processes. Examples are: Administration of visitors and external companies, alarm management, remote door opening, attendance board, etc.

For more information see the information brochure B-COMM® ERP – Solutions for SAP Applications.