Kaba Elolegic Reader 

In the discreet design of a light-switch cover, the Kaba elolegic reader recognizes access privileges of the compatible medium. Whether badge, key or other medium, the electronics read the Legic® RFID chip, without contact, verify access rights and unlatch the door electronically. 

An authorized access medium like a key or badge needs only to be brought near the reader to "wake up" the electronics which read the code in the medium. Immediately, an acoustic signalization can be heard and access is granted automatically or denied. At the same time, the time window of the badge is activated so that access rights for the predefined doors become valid. The chip technology allows further applications. One single access medium can facilitate not only door access but also cash-free payment at canteens, time attendance, access at parking barriers or vending machine purchases. 

Benefits of Kaba Elolegic Reader as follow: 

  • Flexible programming of time windows for permanent and/or temporary  access rights
  • Validation of the access media for additional time window (TwinTime)
  • Compatible with the Kaba stand-alone and online world through CardLink™
  • Graduated operation modes for customized applications
  • Efficient modification of access rights when a key gets lost
  • Registration of the last 1000 cycles
  • Easy installation
  • High serviceability


Elolegic Reader