Kaba Elolegic Compact Cylinder 

Elolegic Compact Cylinder
Elolegic Compact Cylinder

This mechatronic cylinder opens doors when both mechanical and electronic access rights have been verified. Solid mechanics and intelligent electronics are combined to create a safe and flexible access control system. 

The Kaba elolegic cylinder in Euro profile unites the advantages of solid mechanics with intelligent electronics. Key verification takes place in two steps. The door can only be opened if both the key precision milling and the electronics have valid access rights. This patented system is suitable for many different organizational situations, thanks to the modular design concept. Mechanical locking systems can be expanded in the respective system. The chip built into the key enables further applications such as time attendance, cash-free payment at canteens or vending machines, data collection or the opening of parking barriers. Excellent security combined with high flexibility can be achieved, two of the most important factors in locking technology. 

Benefits of Kaba elolegic cylinder as follow: 

  • Security and maximum flexibility
  • Flexible time programming for permanent and/or temporary access rights
  • Efficient modification of access rights in case keys are lost
  • Transaction memory (Traceback) of the last 1000 door movements (T-line)
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Can be retrofitted into existing mechanical systems
  • Low operation and maintenance costs