Kaba Elolegic C-Lever 

This electronically door furniture is lock and cylinder independent. It makes  any door a "stand-alone” access control system which is easy to program and operate. Its optical and acoustic signalization characterize this special, battery-operated door furniture solution. 

The Kaba elolegic c-lever door furniture excels in high user friendliness, elegant design and compact dimensions. The electronics, integrated in the inside door shield recognize keys, badges or other media without contact. If a valid medium is read by the electronics, the outside lever handle is engaged by a motor driven coupling unit and the door can be opened. With the "TimePro" functions, a permanent "open" period can be programmed, e.g. if the door may be accessed during the day without identification. 

The Legic chip facilitates additional applications such as time attendance, cash free payment, registration etc.  

The broad application possibilities are unique. Fitting solutions can be offered according to customer requirements and organizational building conditions. 

The suitable function for the access organization requested is chosen with the respective Kaba elolegic line.