Elolegic Systems

The Kaba elolegic V3 "stand-alone" access system requires no expensive
wiring. With the copy-proof RFID Legic technology, access data, times and
authorizations are read and transmitted. A diverse range of functions and
possible combinations allow for tailor-made solutions based on specific
customer requirements. 

One single medium for everything 

The Legic key or badge serves as a universal data carrier. Various
applications can be combined, such as: 

  • Door authorizations
  • Time and attendance
  • Cashless payment at cafeterias and vending machines
  • Access to carparks
  • Access to locks etc

No problem when keys are lost 

Lost keys can be quickly and easily blocked or replaced. Every type of
identification medium, such as keys, cards or tags, contains a Legic
chip. This allows quick and easy reprogramming of replacement media
using the simple "replace" command. 

Downloads Elolegic V3 system
Downloads Elolegic One-Key-Solution
Downloads Elolegic V3 system (Detail information)
Downloads Elolegic V3 component (Detail information)