SAP Time and Attendance

Time recording with B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP

With the SAP info type 50 you administer master records such as badge number, version number of the badge, BDE group, access control group (corresponds to the time profile in the control unit/terminal) and PIN.

The personnel master data are downloaded from the SAP system HR to the Kaba sub-system B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP.

All bookings on a time recording terminal are compared online to the master data table in the data base of the B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP server. The booking response on site is given directly online at the terminal. The bookings are transmitted to SAP as record type.

Bookings are corrected in the info type 2011 and booking time and start time is corrected e.g. P10 = clock-in or e.g. an absence reason.

In addition to the standard there are ABAP programs by Kaba that allow us to download the HTML time statement, the shift schedule, the attendances/absences and the organizational units.

The processing in the SAP module HR or HCM is carried out on individually determined terms. SAP calculates the new balances by means of the working time and break regulation stored there.

In the SAP ERP system existing data are used by the Kaba sub-system, e.g. for the display of personal lists at the terminal and for the use of HTML time statements and CATS functionalities.

SAP Time and Attendance - HTML Time Statement with B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP

With the HTML time statement your employees are able to display data from the ERP system via Internet or intranet.

The B-Net 95 80 information terminal with 12" or 17" touch screen serves as interface between users and ERP system, e.g. for displaying working time sheets.

The badge or key tag is kept in the reader window as long as the reader looks at its data via a special reader module. If you take out the medium, the application switches back to the log-in mode, in order that nobody else sees the data of another person.


  • Web browser-based application
  • Simultaneous use of Bedanet 93 80 or Bedanet 95 80 as time recording terminal
  • Fully integrated in B-COMM®ERP for use with SAP® ERP and therefore hassle-free system operation and easy system maintenance
  • Web reporting


  • Installed and running SAP system
    (Release 4.6 up to 4.7 SAP Enterprise)
  • B-Net 95 80 with B-Client HR5 and B-Extension Kiosk

The time statements are downloaded from the SAP system and are available in B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP. The employee identifies himself by means of his badge or key tag and his booking record is displayed with all booked and calculated data. This reduces extremely the effort of the personnel office because booking lists are only requested if absolutely required.


An interface for the SAP CATS application is available as option for the online time recording. CATS stands for Cross Application Time Sheet.

B-COMM ERP for SAP ERP only needs an SAP CATS User.
Parallel reporting in CATS / HR PDC is possible.

CATS records:

  • Clock-in/-out times as term and/or interval
  • Attendance/absence
  • Job times (project times, maintenance processes internal orders, customer orders)
  • Cost centers, e.g. time interval reporting: 1 hour on cost center 1000
  • External wage types

The pair production Clock-in/-out or Start/End is done in B-COMM®ERP for SAP® ERP, all booking pairs are displayed in CATS and the post-processing is done directly in SAP.

A mixed operation with SAP ESS is possible. The employees can either record their times via terminals or via ESS.

Recorded times can be corrected in CATS and approved by the supervisor before they are sent to the target modules.

Web Client for Data Collection on the PC
The Web Client is intended to visualize information (e.g. job list, unfilled orders, HTML time statements for employees, etc.) and to carry out functions such as clock-in/-out, queries, corrections, postings, etc. Additional information and specifications are this way collected from or delivered to SAP. The great thing about the solution is that e.g. also shift assignment of employees can be taken into account during validation.

The web client behaves like a Kaba Benzing terminal and in the standard version it also looks like one. However, a terminal is not mandatory. To get an idea on how this looks like we have enclosed a few examples for you.
The web client is a "custom-made suit" for your organization. You will get exactly the information needed for the relevant areas.